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MOT Welding Oxford

Auto Welding in Oxford

Over time some parts of your vehicle could be subjected to corrosion which may need to be fixed before an MOT certificate can be issued. At SJM Motors in Oxford we will carefully assess the condition of your vehicle and the level of corrosion so we can determine if a welding repair is an option.

Generally a small amount of rust or corrosion in an important structural area of the vehicle could reduce the load bearing capacity of the vehicle and therefore a careful and thorough assessment is necessary to ensure the vehicle meets the strict standards as set out by VOSA in order for an MOT certificate to be issued.

Alternatively there may be some areas of the vehicle that are subjected to larger areas of corrosion and can be of less structural importance therefore after careful assessment a weld repair may be the most affordable option.


Welding & Car Repairs

Welding in our workshop is done by professionals and is only completed once a full assessment has been carried out. So if you are in and around Oxford or surrounding areas feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have with regard to the repair of your vehicle, your MOT certificate or any other information you may require.

Our contact number is 01865 308 007.